What  . . . .

am I about?

Currently I am about my photography, kids and a Mock Trial team that I help with.

Things . . .

that I enjoy?

Ehhh, the list is a long one.  Besides the above there is reading, writing, friends, jewelry making, knitting scarves, computer geek stuff, and recently have gotten into to working out and easy yoga.  Oh and I almost forgot.  Love doing the Haunted Mansion at church and Moulage Make Up for disaster drills (I know, gruesome but it can be fun).

Philosophy . . .

can be a tricky subject.

I am a practicing Catholic who likes to discuss issues.  I call myself an individualist politically because I really don’t fall into one category or another.  Personal freedom for adults as long as no is getting hurt mentally, physically, and financially (I am sure I am missing something).  Does that mean I have to agree with everyone?  Absolutely not.  It mean that we can co-exist with mutual respect.  When it comes to minors, I have a different take.  I believe it is my job to not only set an example (though perfection is not my thing) but to protect as much as I am able to do.

My Chosen Art Form . . .

is photography and I am also trying to improve my writing.  Photography, for me, is my way of drawing (a skill I have never achieved).  It captures so many emotions, examining both the ugliness and beauty of the world.  I love experimenting in post production because I discover something unique in each of the photos I work on.

Proud of . . .

my husband for working so hard for so many years being a pediatrician.  In the ever changing culture is has not been an easy road for him.  Bureaucracy has taken it’s toll on him as also with so many other physicians who just want to take care of their patients.

I am also proud of my kids for their individualism and trying to find their place in this world.  The adventure can sometimes be anxiety ridden, sort of like a roller coaster ride, but so worth it.

My “other” kids are also a source of price for me.  From the scouts I have worked with over the years (girls and boys) to kids in performances I have helped with to church youth to the Mock Trial teen.   I have been blessed to meet a lot of fantastic young people who are quickly growing into fantastic adults.

Now . . .

you know enough about me to bore you to tears.  Hopefully my work won’t.  Please come back often and let me know what you think!


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