Solitude . . .

Through out my travels, both for business and pleasure, I have found places that define for me the term Solitude.  Now don’t get me wrong on this.  Solitude, at least to me, is not that dreary, depressing, lonely thing.  To me it is more of a profound awareness of something when you are alone.  It could be a cloud formation, the appearance of a bird, or a single tree in the landscape.  For that single moment you are by yourself and you are in awe of what that feeling is.  That feeling is yours and yours alone.  And there is a peacefulness about it.  Perhaps an impression of comfort on some level.

Please enjoy my small collection of Solitude.

The angel gravestone I worked with to try and give a fee that maybe she could be real.  The original photo was taken in a graveyard in New York.

Waterfalls I have always found to be majestic.  This one is in Oregon.

The Tree is one that we always pass when we go out to Camp Three Falls in Frazier Park, California.  One day I just stopped with a car full of kids and took a picture.  I worked on it to the tree would really stand out against it’s surroundings.

Solitary Rock was taken when I went along on a field trip with my youngest class years ago.  It was one of those “No way can I keep up – I’ll just wait here until they return” type situations.  We were on an island off of Southern California. I started looking around and found these amazing views.  This one I wanted to make more like a painting.

I have always been fascinated by skies.  Don’t you ever just look at the sky and not notice anything else around?

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