It All Started With An Ant . . . .

Years ago, more like decades, I had gotten a camera with a zoom lens.  I was my first zoom.  I kept Costco busy processing the film.  Definitely assisted with the job market with my order alone!

Most were pictures of the kids in the family.  Others were experiments of taking distant shots (trees on hills; cat on a roof and other such silliness).  One day I was out on a hike with some of the clan.  Now you have to understand something about my family and hikes.

My husband loves to HIKE that is start at point A and get to point B.  Most of his side of the family prescribe to this version.  I however prefer to hike which is more of sauntering, checking out my surroundings at a rather slow pace.  It started out that when I tried to keep up with the rest of the gang I would be out of breath, sore and sweaty (and not liking it at all).  So when I go I keep to my own pace and pray that no bushwhacking is occurring ahead of me.  I can follow a trail fairly decently and usually there is one other person who doesn’t mind the more casual speed.

But I digress.  On this one particular outing long ago, I was left in the dust as usual and decided to do a little exploring with my camera rather than get all hot and sweaty.  I came upon a bridge and was just hanging out when I looked on the railing to see a rather large ant crawling along.  My curiosity hit me and I wondered with this guy would look like if I zoomed in on him with my camera.  He was the perfect model.  He stopped, turned, paused and skittered at all the right moments.  I had a ball taking pictures of an ant (go figure) and they turned out pretty good.  I am sure my family thought I lost my mind until they could see the detail on this little guy.

Unfortunately those pictures are buried somewhere in my many photo boxes.  I still give myself an assignment to photograph something small and amazing at least once or twice a year.  Here are some of my results of a few of God’s littlest creatures.

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One thought on “It All Started With An Ant . . . .

  1. Fuzzy, creepy crawlies…I love them! I think you should follow up with some photographs of butterflies! Let me know when you head out and I’ll join you for a leisurely stroll!

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