Bragging Rights . . . . . . and a bit of jealousy

I am an anomaly in my family.  There are artists running amok and I am not one of them.  That is to say artists who can draw or play music.

When I was a child (long, long, oh so long ago), my mother would draw these paper dolls and their entire wardrobes for my sister.  I was always amazed at the tiniest detail she would put into them.  I also remember a few drawings my brother did in high school that blew me away.  My younger sister has done fantastic art work for cards.  My Dad could play the piano, Scot Joplin to be exact, that would make you tap your feet.   I grew up surrounded by gifted artists.

Then I had kids.  Not only are all three of them highly intelligent (thus the bragging rights) but my middle daughter is phenomenal with a pencil.  Yes, I am jealous.  My drawing capabilities are more along the line of well, lines – stick figures to be exact.  Somehow that drawing gene laid dormant in me, along with the musical instrument gene.

Thus the quandary for me.  When people ask where she got her artistic skills from, I pause a moment and then answer “Haven’t a clue.  Grandparents, aunts and uncles have the talent (but not good ole’ Mom and Dad).”  So without further ado here is some of my talented offspring’s work.

Child 1

Child 1

She drew this in middle school.  I scanned the drawing and gave it the background to add a little 3 dimensional feel to it.

Child 02

Child 02

This one was drawn around the same time of the other (Child 1).  She caught the anxiety in the child’s face very well (okay, mother bragging again).

Finally it dawned on me not so long ago that art is what you make of it.  I use photography, my kiddo uses a pencil (maybe she got the gene from me after all).

Tomorrow look for my blog on “Little Critters”.


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