What We See In Our Minds Eye 1

In The Minds Eye 1

In The Minds Eye 1

I was working out this morning.  Yes, I am trying to keep to a schedule for that activity to firm up my rubinesque figure (and to keep my joints from petrifying).  During my recumbent bike cycle I decided to pass the time to figure out what today’s photo should be.  I closed my eyes to better focus and that’s when this idea struck me.You know those fluid thoughts you have after you close your eyes to go to sleep but before you are actually asleep?  That is what my theme is today.  I have two “art” photos for that.

The first is more for those of us whose brains are always racing, even as our body’s are preparing to rest.  The second is a more calm photo, meant for those who have developed a more meditative approach to going to sleep.  Endless swirls based in water. (That photo is in the following blog post).


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